Personal Branding


My new resume, business cards, and stationary just arrived!!  Personal branding is just as important as any other kind.  You need to send a cohesive image of who you are if you want people to understand who you are.  For my personal branding, the “beehive” pattern indicates my collaborative nature, while still being able to shine individually within a group.

Some tips for personal branding:

  1. Pick an area of focus (mine: advertising)
  2. Create a visual identity (colors, iconography, etc.)
  3. Have a mantra (mine: “make it happen”)
  4. Have an online presence (blog, eportfolio, etc.)
  5. Use social media (and use it WELL)
  6. Write and blog
  7. Be different
Printing from VistaPrint

Perfect For Fall: Boots

20131007-234606.jpgOne of the reasons I love Ithaca so much is because of my favorite month of the year – October!  Pumpkins, boots, changing leaves, sweaters, cider; what’s not to love?  But this year, the weather’s been oddly warm even though the leaves are falling.  If you’re feeling a little warm this October, get your boot fix by coupling a shorter pair with a cute cotton dress and a light jean jacket.

Boots | Candies, Kohl’s 



Branding: Ithaca College American Marketing Association

amaFor a club I’m a part of, the Ithaca College American Marketing Association, I was asked to do a major rebranding positioning the organization as both fun and professional.  The result was a very flat approach using bright, primary colors. The overall branding image is characterized by simplicity, clean lines, and bold typography.

Programs/websites used: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop,


Saturday Style: Leather + Brights

For a more comfortable evening alternative to a skirt, look for high-waisted shorts in different fabrics like leather and lace.  A light fabric like chiffon softens the look of the leather. Pair with bright pumps for a fun night out or combat boots for a more relaxed look.

Pink Sleeveless Blouse | Truth NYC, TJMaxx, Similar
Leather Shorts | Sparkle & Fade, Urban Outfitters, Similar
Blue Suede Shoes | Trafaluc, Zara
Bracelet | Unknown, Similar
Earrings | Unknown, Similar


Mint + Leopard

Move your summer jeans into fall by pairing them with a darker top and close-toed shoes.  Playful patterns like animal prints and chevron pair well with the light color.  White leather oxfords with brown accents move easily from season to season.  Add sparkle with different size and texture bracelets layered on top of your favorite watch.

Mint Jeans | Mossimo, Target, Similar
Leopard Shirt | Cotton Express, TJMaxx, Similar
Oxfords | BDG, Urban Outfitters, Similar
Watch | Michael Kors
Bracelets | Forever 21
Sunglasses | Ray-Ban